let’s make NFT.NYC Carbon Negative


a Nouns fork aiming to offset the historic carbon emissions of ETH.

You have discovered our stealth genesis drop, CO2.NYC.

If you flew into NYC, grab an orb to offset your carbon footprint.

Much love!




Q: How will the funds be used?

A: 50% will be used to purchase and offset MCO2 tokens directly after NFT.NYC. 50% will be used to bootstrap CO2CULT to complete the Nouns fork auction & governance mechanics and the nature based generative art algorithm for our August launch.

Q: How much does each mint offset?

A: At current ETH & MCO2 prices, 8 tons of CO2. For reference, a round-trip flight from LAX to NYC emits around 1.3 tons of CO2 per person.

Q: How much is needed to offset NFT.NYC?

A: It’s almost impossible to get a perfectly accurate number, but by assuming all estimated 12,000 attendees are emitting around 1 ton of CO2 to attend, this means we need to mint 1500 orbs to become carbon neutral. 3000 would make us 2x carbon negative!

Q: Isn’t it just greenwashing?

A: Glad you asked! No, it’s not. MCO2 is a tokenized version of a certified Carbon Offset from forestry projects in the Amazon Rainforest. Each MCO2 represents a real ton of carbon that was reduced thanks to these projects. By buying and offsetting, we’re helping create more demand and profitability for those same projects. We should reduce our impact, but in a situation like flying to a conference where emissions are unavoidable, we can help by making up for our own negative impact.